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Support Services for Hospitality

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We’re Your Concierge

White-Glove Service and Communications Solutions for your Hotel

Once one of our solutions have deployed and fully tested onsite, our Phonesuite Direct Support Team, backed by our North America wide network technicians, will provide 24/7 support to your hotel admin and guests through local support and our Network Operations and Monitoring Center to ensure staff and guest voice and communication quality is maintained, and we’ll do it your way

Phonesuite Direct offers a wide menu of support, warranty, and other after-the-sale services and we’d love to talk to you about the bundle that is right for your hotel and communications needs. 

We get you talking…but we also keep you talking!

Approved by All Major Brands

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Support Services Solutions

  • Platinum Support
  • Software Assurance
  • Extended Warranty
  • Demand Service
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Stay up-to-date

Platinum Support & Software Assurance

The Voiceware Platinum Support & Software Assurance program provides for enhanced version upgrades & proactive support for your Phonesuite Direct provided PBX Solution.

Feature enhancements and software upgrades as well as major software revisions

  • Includes proactive monitoring of your phone system and voice services by our 24×7 NOC
  • Includes unlimited moves/adds/changes/deletes that can be performed remotely
  • Includes priority support access – including direct dial access to support engineering team
  • Includes discounted time & materials rate for items such as moves/adds/changes/deletes that require a site visit or for service issues not covered
  • Daily backups to secure cloud storage
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Protect Your Investment

Hardware and Software Warranty

Avoid surprise PBX repair bills after your initial 2-year warranty expires by covering your investment with Phonesuite Direct’s affordable hardware & software warranty

  • Includes Phonesuite manufactured hardware, including the Voiceware server and appliance.
  • Includes Phonesuite and Phonesuite Direct installed 3rd Party hardware & software defects or malfunctions
  • Includes functionality challenges arising from programming and configuration issues.
  • Includes cabling, cross-connects and terminations installed by Phonesuite Direct
  • Includes Remote and on-site service for all of the above
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Call on Us

Demand Service

Call us when you need us. While we strongly recommend our Platinum Support and Extended Warranty modules to all Phonesuite Direct customers, we know this isn’t right for every customer. That’s why we’re here when you need us.

  • Demand service/time and materials service available for any Phonesuite manufactured system in North America
  • Local presence virtually everywhere in US, Canada and Mexico
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Connect With Us

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