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On Premise/ Traditional PBX

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What is in Your Phone Room?

Traditional On-Premise PBX with No Compromises

Voiceware is Phonesuite’s software-based VoIP phone system (IP-PBX) application designed specifically for today’s hospitality communication environment. Engineered with a server-based core to be extremely scalable and flexible, Phonesuite is designed to meet the ever-changing needs of hotels without expensive equipment upgrades or disruption to the guest experience.

Phonesuite’s Voiceware PBX is made by hoteliers for hoteliers, has been deployed in over 6500 properties, and is installed and supported by Phonesuite Direct’s team of experts who understand the unique requirements of hotels and their guest better than anyone.

Approved by All Major Brands

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On-Premise Voiceware Features

  • Hospitality VoIP PBX
  • Call Accounting
  • Voicemail
  • PMS Integration
  • Full Hospitality Feature Set
  • Browser Console
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White Glove Treatment

For Your Guests

Hospitality Features to keep your guests talking and connected during their stay at your property

  • Unlimited wakeup calls and voice mail prompts are delivered in the guest’s native language with options including daily, weekend only, weekday only.
  • Wakeup message can include weather forecast, snooze option, or transfer to room service options
  • As extensive a guest information voice tree system as you can imagine and check-out from room phone option (requires PMS with remote check-out interface enabled)
Shot from the side of a hotel reception desk showing the phone and computer hardware supported by traditional PBX systems while one guest looks down on the other side of the desk and a second guests arm can be seen opening a small red passport booklet
Increase Productivity

For Your Staff

Enterprise-Level features for your administrative and front desk staff to keep your business connected and your staff productive.


  • Ability to run full-featured SIP phones from a variety of manufacturers, including softphones and mobile apps. You stay connected anytime, anywhere. No longer tied to a desk or phone!
  • Extensive Find Me-Follow Me” capabilities; you and your staff to never miss that important phone call with voice mail to email forwarding
  • Built-In Automatic Call Distribution and Call Flow Management and the ability to handle multiple calls simultaneously
  • Unlimited call/staff groupings, ring groups, and role-based queues, and automated or on-demand staff call recording
Shot of a hotel reception desk behind which a female staff member in a white blouse and black trousers interacts with her traditional PBX supported guest management system on a computer.
We Keep You Talking

Advanced Features for Hotels

Say goodbye to expensive, bulky consoles and hello to your powerful browser-based console that offers more functionality, an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, and a better way to service guests!

  • Staff can take care of guest communication requests from anywhere on or above property–leveraging a tablet and Bluetooth headset, front desk staff can access phone calls and respond to guest requests from anywhere in the building; providing freedom, efficiency and flexibility in the way they work.
  • The pop-up screen of guest information any time you answer a guest’s call. Setting wakeup calls is a snap and requires almost no training. Find guests or staff quickly by name, then one-click call or transfer
  • Unified Communication Features allow hotels to leverage a full array of communication features to enhance staff efficiency and the overall guest experience. Voicemail to email, Find-Me-Follow-Me, mobile app integration, and more.
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