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Owned and Managed PBX (Capex) for Hotels

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What’s in your phone room?

Traditional Owned “CAPEX” PBX brought into the 21st Century

Voiceware is Phonesuite’s software-based VoIP phone system (IP-PBX) application designed specifically for today’s hospitality communication environment. Engineered with a server-based core to be extremely scalable and flexible, Voiceware is designed to meet the ever-changing needs of hotels without expensive equipment upgrades or disruption to the guest experience.

Designed and built in the U.S. by Phonesuite, Voiceware delivers high-quality hotel communications to full-service, select-service, and luxury/boutique hotels of any size and type – from 40 to 4,000 rooms.

Unlike traditional hardware-based PBXs, the Voiceware platform is fully integrated into one software-based application, built from the ground up for IP-based communication.

This means most of the equipment on-site is non-proprietary, and you will get the same great features and functionality whether your PBX is on-premise or hosted.

Approved by All Major Brands

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Owned & Managed PBX Includes:

  • Hospitality VoIP PBX
  • Call Accounting
  • Voicemail
  • PMS Integration
  • Full Hospitality Feature Set
  • Deployment/Integration Services
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Best in Breed Features

For Your Guests

  • Wakeup calls and voice mail prompts, delivered in the guest’s native language
  • Unlimited wakeup calls with options including daily, weekend only, weekday only
  • Wakeup message can include weather forecast, snooze option, or transfer to room service options
  • As extensive a guest information voice tree system as you can imagine
  • Check-out from room phone option (requires PMS with remote check-out interface enabled)
  • Compatible with all hotel guest phone speed dial buttons, whether SIP or analog
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Manage Your Business

For Your Staff

  • Run full-featured SIP phones from a variety of manufacturers, including softphones and mobile apps.
  • Stay connected anytime, anywhere. No longer tied to a desk or phone!
  • Extensive “Find Me-Follow Me” capabilities; you and your staff never have to miss that important phone call
  • Voice mail to email forwarding
  • Built-In Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) and Call Flow Management
  • Handle multiple calls simultaneously
  • Unlimited call/staff groupings, ring groups, and role-based queues
  • Automated or on-demand staff call recording
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The Voiceware Advantage

Flexible and Innovative

  • Open-Based Architecture – Built using the latest VoIP technology, Voiceware is designed specifically for hotel use and is based on open standards to further protect your investment and facilitate new features and functionality.
  • Hybrid Design (SIP or Analog) – Run the latest SIP phones or re-use your existing analog phones in the guest room – your choice. Either way, your staff and guests can utilize the full set of advanced features available in Voiceware, while still re-using your existing guest-room phones and hotel infrastructure.
  • Cloud Hosted or On-Premise – Voiceware can be run locally or hosted in the Cloud, meeting the needs of your communication strategy and technology management approach providing flexibility to keep system maintenance responsibility within your organization, or utilize the experts at Phonesuite Direct to monitor and update the system for you.
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