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Managed Voice: Designed with high redundancy and resiliency.

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Voice as a Service

On-premise or Cloud VoIP Phone System

Managed Voice, whether Hybrid (On-Premise-based) or Hosted (Cloud-based), is a VoIP-based virtual phone service where all phone system hardware and software is owned and managed by Phonesuite Direct (think cloud computing)!

Why go with a Managed Voice solution? It’s a worry-free and cost-effective option for hoteliers, who gain a full-featured, low CAPEX offering with an affordable ongoing monthly OPEX. With a true open-architected, evergreen platform, hoteliers can easily integrate and build upon their existing communications strategy throughout their enterprise portfolio of hotels. In addition, the Phonesuite platform is architected for flexibility, redundancy, and scalability so hotels experience the seamless installation, deployment, and 24/7 support.

Approved by All Major Brands

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Managed Voice Solution Includes:

  • Voiceware Hospitality Communications Platform
  • Installation and Deployment/Integration Testing
  • 24/7 Support Software & Hardware
  • SIP Trunking-Local/LongDistance/E911 Compliance
  • Optional LTE/Wireless Fail-Over
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Shot of a busy hotel reception area where a smiling guest is handing over paperwork to the receptionist
Up to Date

Feature-Rich Voiceware PBX

  • Hospitality VoIP PBX
  • Call Accounting
  • Voicemail
  • PMS Integration Compliance
  • Full Hospitality Feature Set
  • Deployment/Integration Services
  • SIP Trunking-Local/Long Distance
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Who’s looking out for you?


Managed VOICE is designed with high redundancy and resiliency – On-Premise or Cloud-Hosted, each platform is architected with the following for QoS and rapid failover

  • 24/7 Hardware & Software Support – Our state-of-the-art NOC is watching out for your communications needs 24x7x365.
  • QoS Router and Monitoring – Managed router installed at your site to ensure a high quality of service on the network for all voice traffic.
  • Network Load-Balancing – Even in the event of an internet outage or major carrier issue, we keep you online and talking.
  • LTE/Wireless Fail-Over – Guaranteed connectivity to ensure 100% uptime (Optional).
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Tomorrow is Inevitable

Future Proof

Our “Evergreen” technology will stay up to date to ensure you always have the latest and greatest

  • Software updates and revisions keep your system fresh.
  • Hardware/Software coverage ensures that as your hotel’s requirements change, your PBX will change with them.
  • Bundled SuiteSIP Trunking service keeps you talking with unlimited voice paths.
Guest looking at her phone while checking into a hotel supported by Phonesuite Direct managed voice products.
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