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What is the ROI of Unified Communications?

2020 was a difficult economic year for businesses in every sector, and the hospitality industry was no exception. April of 2020 was the worst month for hotel occupancy since 2011, dipping to under 25 percent.

When physical office spaces were declared off-limits unified communications (UC) became a crucial lifeline for businesses across all verticals. Calling, video conferencing, instant messaging, SMS, and other collaboration platforms kept employees and customers connected from their own homes. These services enabled business to maintain crucial relationships and keep operations moving. The situation made obvious the intangible value of UC solutions, but is there a clear ROI of unified communications?

How Unified Communication Can Save You Money

With a VoIP telephony system, you can unite your phone system with your other internal communications systems in one network. Doing so will not only reduce the amount of time and energy you spend finding individual tools to suit your needs, but you’ll also save money since many providers offer discounts when bundling services together.

Rather than incurring a significant capital expenditure hit, you’ll be able to defray the costs into a fixed monthly operating cost, allowing you to plan your cash flow and manage your budget.

Unified communications can make remote working much easier, allowing your employees to transfer their numbers anywhere with an internet connection and take care of the day-to-day tasks of running the hotel. In times of crisis like 2020, this versatility can be life-saving. When things are back to normal, your employees will still appreciate the flexibility.

Better still, you can draw on a much larger talent pool if you’re not limited to people that live within commuting distance of your building. There are thousands of prospective employees in the world that might excel at accounting, customer service, logistics, or any of the other skills required to work for your hotel. If you open your business up to hiring at a distance, you can take advantage of those people’s abilities.

How Unified Communications Increases Productivity

When your staff is better able to communicate and collaborate without tedious in-person meetings, your whole hotel will run more efficiently. Employees will be more engaged, you’ll accomplish your goals faster, and you’ll be able to tap into a new set of talent that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to access. The more efficient your processes and logistics are, the more time you can dedicate to the all-important business of guest satisfaction.

Talk to Phonesuite Today

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