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Hacking is not a new idea, despite the fact that many people think it is. Over time, the methods and technology have advanced, posing a threat to even the biggest businesses. Because of this, PhoneSuite continuously innovates its software to provide you access to cutting-edge features while also shielding you from online threats.

The point is that everyone has to be aware of the risks associated with hacking and take the appropriate precautions to avoid issues. You must make your VoIP network as secure as you can even if prevention and security measures can’t always be flawless. Since hackers often target the “big fish,” small and medium-sized businesses don’t need to worry about much, but it never hurts to be ready.

The Consequences of Security Breaches

You already know the type of irritation that hacking may cause if you’ve ever directly encountered malware. Even the simplest versions can be difficult to uninstall, and the process sometimes takes a long time.

The next question is… 

Is your VoIP network in danger? Is this an actual worry or is it just a scare tactic?

Unfortunately, it is true that there is a chance for your VoIP system to be compromised. If this were to occur, would be able to listen in on calls, interrupt calls, transmit unsolicited messages, or change caller IDs. These activities would not only interfere with your regular business operations, but they would also cause your visitors trouble. 

Even while certain security concerns require the network architecture of your business to give protection, hosted VoIP companies like PhoneSuite make a lot of effort to fortify their service.

The security provided by PhoneSuite can be broken down into three areas: separation of voice and data, Secure Session Internet Protocols, and ongoing training. 

Tips & Tricks:

  • Data & Voice Separation

Malicious malware and viruses are sent out as files, or data, to harm individuals and networks. Your whole communication system is at risk if your speech and data streams are combined. Separating these two streams will aid in safeguarding the majority of your system’s speech stream.

  • Securing Internet Protocols For Sessions

SIP is not encrypted on its own, which you might not be aware of. This exposes it to hacking by malicious parties. Because of this, PhoneSuite employs Secure Session Internet Protocols (SIPS), which encrypt data before sending it over the network. The usage of this encryption makes it more difficult for hackers to access the VoIP system.

  • Recurring Lessons

Keep in mind that information is power. To ensure that its workers are properly informed of the most recent information and procedures available that will allow them to secure themselves and the network, PhoneSuite makes a significant effort to work with its clients on a regular basis. Non-technical staff members may be educated and made more aware as a fantastic defense against security breaches.

Working with a VoIP provider that has your best interests in mind is crucial since your communications system may be subject to assault. PhoneSuite can provide you with a hosted VoIP solution that will keep your system operating efficiently while helping to safeguard you against any breaches. Regardless of the field, you work in, security is crucial, but the necessity for it in the technological sector has become more pronounced. 

The occurrence of breaches at major organizations, medical facilities, and even the Internal Revenue Service in recent years has made this particularly true. No company, regardless of size, seems secure. Due to the technological nature of Voice over Internet Protocol, it is crucial that you get familiar with certain insider tips and tactics to safeguard the reputation of your hotel and the frequent guests that stay there. I

f you ignore the danger, you can end up with illegal transactions on your account or probable downtime that would impact your staff and visitors.

  • Maintain System Updates

Security breaches frequently originate from “holes” in technology that are present on a regular basis. Fortunately, these flaws frequently have fixes ready to go before anyone tries to exploit the vulnerabilities. It’s advisable to apply any fixes often since hackers may swiftly exploit these weak areas, costing you time and money.

  • Limiting calls

The ability to call almost anywhere at any time is one of the finest developments in communications technology in recent years. Visitors who need to keep connected but don’t want to use their cell phones might greatly benefit from this. There are unfortunately evildoers who will send someone into your hotel pretending to be a normal visitor in order to enter a system from the point of origin, frequently from outside the United States. 

By restricting your calling to local and domestic calls, you can rule out this possibility. Additionally, you may collaborate with a visitor to find the best answer if they have a particular request or requirement.

  • Implement Security Rules

Making sure that everyone is in agreement with one another is among the finest strategies to enforce appropriate security. Inform your staff of any phone security restrictions and the significance of keeping them up to date. Also teach them about phishing and how, if they are not vigilant, such frauds might jeopardize the security of the system.

  • Password-Protect Your Voicemails

Weak voicemail systems are frequently used by data thieves to collect information from visitors, which can put both those visitors and your hotel in a poor situation. By creating voicemail box passwords, you may assist prevent this. Don’t cut corners on security here; make sure the passwords are strong to make it harder—and hopefully impossible—for malicious people to access the information. 

Additionally, it’s a good idea to forbid users from using the same password across other platforms.

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