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Solving the Hospitality Labor Shortage With Technology

close up focus on call center headset device at VOIP system on telephone machine with virtual interface of communication at office desk for hotline telemarketing and network operation concept

SIP Trunking 101: Everything You Need to Know

Man and woman sitting in a lobby area reading a tablet about SIP trunking

How to Improve Guest Retention Through CRM Integration

Hotel front lobby desk with two guests being greeted by a hotel staff member while another staff member behind the desk used telecommunication technology to consult hotel CRM data

Why Managed Voice is More Affordable

Managed VOICE from Phonesuite can upgrade your hotel’s communication technology and save you on monthly costs. Here’s why.
Woman in blue blazer rolling an orange suitcase through a hotel lobby that uses managed voice software for guest communications

5 Benefits of SIP Trunking For Hotels

SIP trunking can modernize your hotel and open up major opportunities for new technology. Here are a few of the best features of a SIP trunking system.
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Contactless Tech: Adapting to Customer Demand for Contactless Experiences

During the COVID-19 pandemic, contactless experiences gained substantial popularity. Here’s how your hotel can implement the same tech.
Picture of a person demonstrating the use of contactless technology for hotels by hodling a keycard up to a keycard reader

Delight Customers Using Personalization: The Value of Integrating VoIP With a CRM System

A CRM collects customer information into one central database. Here’s how that can be valuable to your hotel.
A female hotel staff member smiling as she exchanges a card with a male customer standing with his luggage

VoIP: An Eco-Friendly Solution

Hotels all over the world are increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of their businesses. Here’s how VoIP can help.
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Improving Guest Experience With VoIP

VoIP phone systems don’t just make your hotel staff more efficient, they can improve your guests’ experience in your hotel. Here’s how.
Shot of a hotel front desk where a smiling woman is helping a family check in and demonstrating the use of VoIP to improve guest experience

How Much SIP Trunking Can Save You

SIP trunking has pros and cons over analog trunking that you should consider, but one of the primary benefits in making the switch is the cost savings.
Woman behind a hotel reception desk with a phone to her ear while smiling toward a guest on the other side of the desk

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