Headshot photo of Justin Soler, Director of Operations for Phonesuite Direct
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Justin Soler

Justin Soler has over 9 years of experience in the Telecom and HSIA environment, with a focus in Field Engineering, Project Management, Logistics, and Procurement.

Justin began his career at Airwave Networks, a pioneer in the MDU and Student Housing Market. He started off as a Field Engineer while quickly working his way up the ladder and becoming heavily involved in supporting existing customers as an account manager with a team of 20+ field engineers, as well as managing active installations. As a project manager, Justin would travel to a majority of his installs to lead from the field and ensure customers received excellent communication and quality service.

With the Single Digits acquisition of Airwave Networks, Justin transitioned roles to the Logistics Manager in early 2018. Justin optimized the shipping process for the company before the end of Q1, saving Single Digits capital expenses. Justin’s scope quickly expanded and was offered management over procurement in October of 2018. Justin forged new vendor partnerships for the organization, and thus optimized their procurement process saving the company additional capital expenses which had a positive impact on project margins. Justin was frequently asked to rise above his station by assisting with high level installation, consult with MDU customers, participate in trade shows, and travel to offices overseas to train staff.

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