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How the Right Phone System Helps Your Hotel Recover

The hospitality industry was hit hard by the pandemic and ensuing economic impacts last year, but there are good signs that indicate a recovery is underway. Travel numbers are back up, hotel occupancy is rising again, and employees are slowly returning to the industry.

As your hotel seeks to recover, you should be considering a VoIP system from Phonesuite. Not only will our VoIP systems help you recover more quickly, but they can aid in the growth and expansion of your hotel operation. Here’s how the right phone system can help your hotel get back up and running better than ever.

Lower Costs

A VoIP system doesn’t run on the antiquated copper wires that make up the PSTN (public switched telephone network), it runs over the same broadband internet connection that provides internet access for the rest of your hotel. This means you’re not paying two separate utility bills — in fact, the bandwidth requirements of a VoIP system are light enough that you might not even need to upgrade your current connection.

In addition to the convenience of paying a single utility for phone and internet access, VoIP networks allow you to quickly and efficiently add or remove lines using only the software in your browser. You don’t necessarily need new hardware at all — you can set up a new number to ring an existing cell phone with no added costs whatsoever.

Better Mobility

Your staff needs to prioritize face-to-face interactions. Those are the personalized relationships you build with your guests that create a memorable experience and keep them coming back. But if your front desk staff are tethered to one physical location, they can’t provide the best possible guest experience.

A VoIP system allows your managers and staff to wander the hotel freely, carrying a smartphone or table with a Bluetooth headset so they can answer the phone and talk to guests from anywhere anytime. If the staff member is already busy, they can seamlessly forward the call to someone less busy to avoid interrupting the guest interaction they’re already engaged with.

Advanced Features

Anything you can do to increase the efficiency of your hotel’s internal systems is welcome, and the advanced features that can be integrated into a VoIP-based communication system can be a significant boost in this area.

It’s easy to integrate your phone system with your computer system, allowing for features like individual voicemail, automated wake-up calls, and online check-in and checkout. The more modern features your hotel can offer, the more appealing it will be to your guests and the more you can grow.

Talk to Phonesuite Direct

A VoIP-based phone system could be a significant boost to your hotel as the hospitality industry recovers. If you’re interested in a system that will boost productivity, help your staff work more efficiently, and save you money on monthly expenses, get in touch with Phonesuite Direct today!

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